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The establishment of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) dates back to 1880 when it emerged as a platform for engineers to address the challenges accompanying the rapid growth of industrialization and mechanization. This organization's primary objective shifted towards guaranteeing the safety of machinery employed in manufacturing and construction, with a particular emphasis on boilers and pressure vessels. This shift in focus not only redefined ASME's mission but also laid the foundation for its profound and enduring influence on society today.


The American Society of Mechanical Engineers UH chapter is a professional organization that is operated by students currently attending the University of Houston. Our goal is to lead engineering students to success in all aspects of the engineering disciplines. 



We strive to improve the quality of our members’ academic and professional career by providing opportunities to interact with professionals from leading companies, arranging events that foster community among students, organizing outreach programs that increase public awareness about the engineering profession, and encouraging good works through community service.

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