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ASME Lounge

We have our very own lounge!

This gives you a place to

  • Study/relax between classes

  • Use the refrigerator and microwave

  • Eat Snacks (available to purchase)

  • Meet other MECHE students!

Located at W227 in Engineering Building 2


3D Printers 

We currently have three 3D printers accessible to all students and other engineering organizations. These printers are available for use in various capacities​

  • ASME Design Projects

  • Intro to Mech Design

  • Senior Capstone

  • Student Projects

  • Research

To print your parts, click here!


The ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) National is beneficial for professionals and students in mechanical engineering due to its comprehensive outreach initiatives. ASME National facilitates knowledge exchange through conferences and workshops, supports education and STEM programs, and plays a key role in promoting and maintaining industry standards. Additionally, the organization provides a platform for networking, collaboration, and career development, showcasing the value of mechanical engineering on a national scale.
Click here to learn more!

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