ASME Points System

As a paid member of UH-ASME, you will be able to earn member points by getting involved with the organization and win scholarships at the end of each semester. If you're interested in becoming a new member, fill out our new member registration form or renew your membership by paying your dues.
The chart below is the current points system based on organization activity

Become a paid member (per year)                                                                 20

Join an ASME Committee                                                                                50

Attend a General Body Meeting (+5 if wearing an ASME shirt)             30 or 35

Attend a Social Event                                                                                       25

Attend an Information Session                                                                         30

Participate in Community Service (per 25 minutes)                                         25

Attend a Professional Event                                                                             25

Vote in the Officer Elections                                                                             20

Follow us on Facebook                                                                                    15

Follow us on Twitter                                                                                          15

Follow us on Instagram                                                                                    15

Volunteer at an ASME Event (Per 30 minutes)                                                 10

Help clean the lounge when possible                                                               5

  • All activities will be credited automatically by the ASME member in charge of the event

  • Points will be uploaded to ASME files by the ASME Membership Committee

   *Please contact Membership Officer Zain Saeed at to: 

            1. Register points for following our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

            2. Ask about your current membership points.